The annual World Refrigeration Day takes place on June 26th and we are pleased to support this initiative as a sponsor. World Refrigeration Day is an international awareness campaign to draw attention to the important role of cooling, air conditioning and heat pumps. Above all, the refrigeration industry is of great importance for various industries and life situations, so it is completely natural for us to buy chilled food in the supermarket or to keep it fresh in the refrigerator at home. With the help of the refrigeration industry, it is possible to keep food fresher for a longer time and thus make an important contribution to reducing food waste. In addition to food, the refrigeration industry is also of great importance in other sectors. For example, vaccines need to be refrigerated until they can be used by medical professionals around the world. The cold chain is essential for blood transfusions and the transportation and storage of organ donors.

As part of the Daikin Group, AHT can cover the entire spectrum of the refrigeration industry as a one-stop-shop. In addition to ventilation devices, heat pumps, ice cream chests and large refrigerated shelves, AHT can provide everything as a full-range supplier.

The motto of the World Refrigeration Day 2021 “Cooling Champions – Careers for a better world” focuses on careers in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industries. The aim is to inspire students and young professionals in all countries and to encourage them to face the challenges of the refrigeration industry. As a state-certified training company, it is very important to us at AHT to promote young talents and to show them the opportunities for a career in the international refrigeration industry. At AHT, we see it as our task to inspire young talent for a career in the refrigeration industry. We hold regular lectures in schools, offer factory tours and taster days or work together with initiatives such as “Erlebniswelt Wirtschaft”. According to the Green Cooling Initiative (GCI) of GIZ Proklima, around 9.5 billion cooling devices will be in use worldwide by 2050. This is more than two and a half times the current amount. This and other figures show on the one hand the importance of the profession but also the job security that a job in the refrigeration industry brings with it.
Since 1983, AHT has been a world leader in the manufacture of plug-in refrigerators and freezers. In a globalized world of permanent change, it is very important to us as an innovation leader to act in a future-oriented and sustainable manner. Our task is to set standards that the next generations can build on, taking into account both ecological aspects and the well-being of our employees. “Naturally at your side” is more than our slogan. It stands for the values of AHT and for the people who support our colleagues, customers and partners with know-how and passion and find optimal solutions – responsible, reliable, friendly and authentic. In addition to appreciative cooperation, AHT offers many other benefits such as:

  • Flexible working hours
  • A company car for private use (depending on the position)
  • Mobile working opportunities
  • Primary and Further Education
  • Discounts in local businesses
  • Employee kitchens
  • A staff canteen
  • And various employee events

As a well-recognized training company, it is important to us to promote young talent. As an apprentice, you benefit from various advantages at AHT, such as:

  • AHT Youngsters Welcome Week
  • AHT Youngsters Academy with a weekly English course with a native speaker, software courses, personality-building seminars and other internal and external training courses
  • Apprenticeship with high school diploma
  • Performance awards
  • Top ticket
  • Team building and apprentice outings
  • Full coverage of the boarding school costs
  • Participation in professional competitions

An apprenticeship in the refrigeration industry lays a secure foundation for the future.

Why the refrigeration industry is so important:

  1. The demand for refrigerated cabinets or air conditioning is increasing every year around the world.
  2. According to the Green Cooling Initiative, around 9.5 billion cooling devices will be in use worldwide by 2050.
  3. According to the IIR, around 475 million foods are lost every year. Cooling can avoid these losses and thus feed 950 million people annually.
  4. The temperature in many countries is rising steadily, which is why cooling and air conditioning are becoming more and more vital for people.
  5. In the refrigeration industry, sustainability can be implemented more easily and quickly than in other areas and is therefore more environmentally friendly.
  6. The innovative refrigeration technology stops CO2 emissions on our planet.
  7. The climate-neutral refrigeration technology offers over 20% energy savings.