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20. Enero 2022 Lesedauer: 3 minutos

Superbrugsen Videbæk Dinamarca

Case Study

Superbrugsen Videbæk Dinamarca

Superbrugsen Videbæk ha reemplazado sus muebles de refrigerado y congelado con gas R404 por equipos ecológicos y de alto ahorro energético de AHT.

13. Diciembre 2021 Lesedauer: 3 minutos

CR – Vanguard China

Case Study

CR - Vanguard China

CR-Vanguard, el minorista más grande de China, ha estado trabajando con AHT durante más de diez años. Las tiendas CR-Vanguard ya están equipadas con toda la gama de soluciones de nuestra compañía.

16. November 2021 Lesedauer: 3 Minuten



KALEA FREEZE - maintenance made easy

Ready to plug in, environmentally friendly, quiet and with the easiest maintenance on the market – KALEA is the new successful AHT model!

19. Octubre 2021 Lesedauer: 2 Minutos

Swift Valinhos Store Brazil

Case Study

Swift Valinhos Store Brazil

Después de una prueba en una tienda Swift Valinhos, la empresa matriz JBS decidió cambiar sus 28 congeladores operados con gas R404a por muebles ecológicos, enchufables y alimentados con propano R290.

September 23, 2021 Lesedauer: 3 minutes

Lowest GWP on the market


AHT products with R290 offer the lowest GWP on the market!

The latest IPCC6 report stated that propane R290 has a 20-year GWP of only 0.072 and a 100-year GWP of only 0.02. This means that all R290 AHT products use a refrigerant that has a lower warming impact than the CO2 products on the market as the 100-year GWP of CO2 is 1 as a reference point.

September 16, 2021 Lesedauer: 2 minutes

METRO Cash and Carry Japan

Case Study

METRO Cash and Carry Japan

Metro Cash and Carry Japan recently replaced 200 HFC display cases at three of their locations with environmentally friendly propane plug-in units. AHT supplied the stores in Kawaguchi, Chiba and Tamasakai with the horizontal freezers ATHEN XL.

September 14, 2021 Lesedauer: 4 minutes

R290 Propane IPCC 6


AHT sells 2 million R290 units to customers worldwide

The AHT research and development department has been researching sustainable refrigerants since 1995. As a pioneer in the commercial deep-freeze and food refrigeration industry, the green refrigerant R290 propane was chosen.