Think ahead

Think ahead

In a globalized world of permanent change, it is very important to us as an innovation leader to act in a future-oriented and sustainable manner. All of our products are based on the idea of ​​maximum resource conservation – for the environment, the climate and our employees. It is our task to set standards that next generations can build on, taking into account ecological aspects as well as the financial viability of our future.Therefore, our overall philosophy is based on the following 4 pillars:

  • Sustainability
  • energy efficiency
  • innovation
  • Maximum customer benefit

In addition to an ecologically oriented product range, a resource-saving production process is of the highest priority for us. The ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) certifications prove that we are heading in the right direction.

Think Globally. Act Responsibly.

We always try to be a leader in the field of innovation; our success story proves how our innovations have influenced the industry. AHT was the first manufacturer of propane-powered devices in series. Furthermore, AHT was the first manufacturer of a speed-regulated compressor in the plug-in area. In doing so, we have had a lasting influence on the way the industry looks at the energy consumption of refrigerated goods

In the future,we will always strive to contribute to increasing efficiency and reducing environmental pollution. Our product innovations help us and our customers to take ecological responsibility seriously, for example through the development of products with environmentally friendly refrigerants, the development of technologies to prevent leaks, the increasing recyclability of products and packaging and the provision of end of life support. Our process innovations help us to reduce the impact of our activities on the local and global environment. For example, through the development of the most modern production technologies at all of our production plants and the constant efforts to improve our production processes in terms of energy and waste efficiency.

Factors for sustainable AHT appliances:

  • Use of green refrigerant (R290)
  • Small amounts of refrigerant and therefore no special inspection obligations
  • Lower pressures than CO2 – lower risk potential and fewer failures
  • Optimized total cost of ownership
  • Completely CFC and HFC free
  • Full investment security and long service life thanks to very robust devices (stable C-frame)
  • Speed-controlled compressors for higher energy savings
  • ATHEN XL as the most energy-efficient device on the world market